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Quick response from an Albany maintenance man likely saved another man's life Friday morning.

Glen Grimps was getting ready to do some painting at the Evergreen Apartments in Albany when he noticed smoke and flames coming from a car in the parking lot.

Grimps, who works for the complex, rushed to the Subaru hatchback and saw a man slumped over in the front seat. Grimps then reached in and pulled the man, David Boatwright, to safety.

The flames had become large enough that Grimps was afraid they might ignite a nearby fence. He said Boatwright seemed unaware of what was happening when Grimps got to him.

“He said something like, 'What’s going on?'” said Grimps.

Ten Albany firefighters responded within minutes of the emergency call with an engine and a medic unit. They managed to knock down the flames before the fire spread. The car was heavily damaged. A vehicle parked nearby was also damaged in the incident.

Albany Police Sgt. Buck Pearce said his officers determined Boatwright was not under the influence of any substances at the time, and that he did not intentionally set the fire.

“He said he has a medical condition,” said Pearce.

Boatwright said he had stopped by the apartments and was on his way back to work when the fire broke out. He said his doctor believes he has a blood-sugar condition that causes him to become lightheaded.

He was not injured.

Fire officials are looking into the cause of the blaze.

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