An Albany man who reportedly stabbed his mother in the hand during a February disagreement about gas money is being held at the Oregon State Hospital in Salem.

But if Jeremiah Kevin Sullivan is found able to aid and assist in his own defense, he will face a new accusation, that he tried to murder his mother.

In April, a Linn County grand jury returned an indictment for Sullivan with charges of attempted murder, second-degree assault, fourth-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon.

The indictment was filed the day after Sullivan was found unfit to proceed by Judge Rachel Kittson-MaQatish. The order briefly references a Linn County report that detailed Sullivan’s deteriorating mental health.

Sullivan was scheduled to be arraigned in Linn County Circuit Court on Tuesday morning, but that turned into an opportunity to update the court on his status instead.

The next hearing in the case was scheduled for Aug. 29, but it’s unclear whether there will be any progress.

Defense attorney Heidi Sternhagen said that Sullivan is getting treatment at the Oregon State Hospital to see if he can be able to aid and assist in his own defense.

The stabbing occurred in the 3100 block of South Shore Drive. Sullivan’s mother told authorities that after being denied gas money — she hadn’t gone to the bank yet — Sullivan went into the kitchen of their home and grabbed a large kitchen knife.

She said that her son came down with the knife like he was going to stab her in the heart, so she turned and used her right arm to block him and grabbed the knife with her left land, according to a probable cause affidavit in the case.

“Blood started shooting everywhere,” the mother told authorities, and once Sullivan saw it he stopped.

Sullivan fled the home, apparently after being confronted by his mother’s husband. The police search for Sullivan prompted school lockouts in the area.

According to the affidavit, Sullivan told police that his mother’s husband had come after him with a knife, so he had to defend himself and his mother got in the way.

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