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Beer documentary
A film crew was in Corvallis on Tuesday, Nov. 9, to collect interviews and footage for a new documentary about beer and brewing that will air on Discovery Channel on Super Bowl Sunday 2010. They visited Block 15, seen above, Flat Tail Brewing and the Pilot Plant brewery at Oregon State University. (Charles Maughan | Contributed photo)

A film crew that has traveled across the country in search of good beers and brewing history landed in Corvallis last week.

Beyond Productions, based out of Sidney, Australia, visited last Wednesday to film segments for a new Discovery Channel documentary called “How Beer Saved the World.”

The crew started the day filming on campus at Oregon State University’s pilot plant brewery in the Food Science & Technology Department in Wiegand Hall. They also filmed in the nearby greenhouses.

Several experts at OSU discussed the origins of beer and Jeff Clawson, manager of OSU’s pilot plant brewed up a facsimile of what the first beer might have tasted like about 10,000 years ago.

Some graduate students and technicians tasted the beer and commented on its taste on camera, which was “a little on the sour side.”

The crew also visited Block 15 and Flat Tail Brewing in downtown Corvallis. Construction workers from the new Linus Pauling Science Center project were recruited off the street to talk about beer.

“It was just a really fun experience,” said Patrick Hayes, OSU barley project manager of working with the film crew. “You just hope that you didn’t put your foot in your mouth too deeply.”

Other OSU professors who took part in the filming included Thomas Shellhammer, the holder of the Nor’Wester Professorship in Fermentation Science and Andrew Ross, an associate professor of Crop and Soil Science.

The new documentary is scheduled to play on Discovery Channel on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 6.

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