Memorial Union hot air balloon flights (copy)

A hot air balloon floats above the Oregon State University Memorial Quad on May 4. The balloon rides were among the activities included in OSU's 2019 spring Family Weekend.

Oregon State University has announced the names of students who made the winter term scholastic honor roll.

A total of 1,371 students earned straight-A’s, a 4.0 grade-point average. Another 4,728 earned a B-plus (3.5) or better to make the listing. To be on the honor roll, students must carry at least 12 graded hours of coursework.

Here are the Benton County students who made the honor roll. (A list of Linn County students on the honor roll will appear in a later edition.)

Adair Village

Straight-A average: Elizabeth J. Carpenter, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.

3.5 or better: Francis I. Dickson, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Lucas A. Kline, Junior, Natural Resources; Brian S. Oh, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Melanie J. Shaw, Freshman, Biology.


Straight-A average: Ryan B. Alder, Senior, Computer Science; Michael P. Andrews, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; Janet E. Austin, Junior, Speech Communication; Jema S. Bacho, Senior, Nutrition; Kendrea T. Beers, Senior, Pre-Computer Science; Shayla M. Berrey, Sophomore, Chemistry; Isabelle A. Bretl, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Maximillian A. Brune, Junior, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Emma P. Burt, Senior, Botany; Marilyn M. Carson, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; James E. Chaplen, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering;

Mikayla Y. Chen, Junior, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Olyvia A. Childress, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences; Devon L. Crane, Senior, Computer Science; Kristen S. Dolan, Junior, Pre-Electrical and Computer Engineering; Andrew Ekstedt, Senior, Computer Science; Jake D. Entrikin, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Sarah D. Ermer, Junior, Political Science; Aradia Farmer, Senior, Geography & Geospatial Science; Justine E. Feist, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Keegan L. Firth, Senior, Business Information Systems; Bryce J. Gaczewski, Junior, Finance;

Nick Gerken, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Mylene Gorzynski, Senior, Biochemistry & Molecular Biolo; Ranya Guennoun, Senior, Microbiology; Dylan S. Heppell, Freshman, Environmental Sciences; Logan M. Howell, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Seth W. Javorsky, Sophomore, Pre-Forest Engineering; Alexandra A. Kaiser, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Andrew Krivoshein, Post Baccalaureate, Environmental Sciences; Gabriel T. Kulp, Senior, Computer Science; Mikaila Kummerow Brown, Post Baccalaureate, Education; Minho M. Kwak, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Aaron W. Lee, Senior, Philosophy;

Sofia M. Letelier, Freshman, Finance; Grayson C. Lewis, Sophomore, Pre-Electrical and Computer Engineering; Paul Y. Lim, Sophomore, Economics; Nathan S. Liu, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Giselle P. Luteria, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; James M. MacDonald, Senior, Political Science; Seika I. Mahmud, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Brendan L. Marvin, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Amy L. McVeety, Senior, Biology; Andrew P. Miller, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Tristan R. Mitchell, Senior, Biology; Zoe X. Moulton, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering;

Remy B. Noble, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Paige M. Noonan, Senior, Human Development and Family Science; Holly Omoto, Senior, Animal Sciences; Cole D. Parra, Junior, Sociology; Marissa I. Passey, Senior, Public Health; Kelci A. Pauk, Junior, Agricultural Sciences; Joshua J. Pauls, Junior, Pre-Electrical and Computer Engineering; Sarabeth T. Pearce-Smith, Junior, University Exploratory Studies; Max J. Peters, Junior, Economics; Amanda Pollick, Senior, Human Development and Family Science; Shauna M. Potter, Junior, Psychology; Jarryd Presley, Junior, Business Administration;

Symon P. Ramos, Senior, Computer Science; Bianca Reinalda, Junior, Music; Brinn A. Rich, Senior, Human Development and Family Science; Tyler L. Schimleck, Senior, Physics; Grace L. Spann, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Emma J. Spaulding, Junior, History; Emma C. Steele, Junior, Sociology; Gillian L. Stephenson, Junior, Graphic Design; Nicholas B. Theobald, Senior, Nutrition; Marisa L. Thierheimer, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Dan Van Horn, Senior, Computer Science; Rachael K. Vega, Junior, English;

Marc M. Wettengel, Senior, Geography and Geospatial Science; Jacob R. Williams, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Miriam Wojtas, Senior, Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Justin J. Womack, Senior, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Andrew P. Woods, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Payton B. Wright, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Danshan Yin, Senior, Kinesiology.

3.5 or better: Fatimah S. Al Showaikhat, Senior, Finance; Ivan A. Alvarez, Senior, Sociology; Leticia A. Amador, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Hiruni M. Aponso, Junior, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Bryce M. Atha, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Chelsey Attebery, Senior, Horticulture; Aaron K. Au, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Alexandra E. Bakkom, Senior, Music; Tyler J. Bamber, Senior, English; Graham M. Barber, Senior, Management; Danielle P. Barrett, Senior, Kinesiology; Malia V. Bauder, Senior, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology;

Ian A. Bechtel, Sophomore, English; Lillian I. Beck, Senior, Management; Marguerite G. Beck, Sophomore, Kinesiology; Alexander M. Berrey, Junior, Finance; Brian E. Berry, Senior, Natural Resources; Jay L. Bickell, Senior, Microbiology; Spencer H. Boock, Sophomore, Pre-Environmental Engineering; Ella R. Briggs, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Alyssa F. Campbell, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Noah C. Carroll, Freshman, Music; Clancy P. Caster, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Galen Chan, Junior, Marketing; Alvin Chang, Senior, Chemical Engineering;

Jessica L. Chaplen, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Yvette Y. Chau, Senior, Marketing; Ashley M. Chona, Senior, Business Administration; Christina N. Chona, Junior, Human Development and Family Science; Lia Clark, Senior, Animal Sciences; Robert R. Cleary, Senior, Biology; Andrew Collins, Senior, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Kayla A. Correia, Junior, Kinesiology; Hailey E. Cowden, Junior, Graphic Design; Austin M. Cuenca, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Jennifer A. Daniels, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Rachael K. Delaney, Junior, Human Development and Family Science;

Randall Didion, Senior, Accountancy; Eva L. Dod, Senior, Sociology; Jessica A. Dolan, Senior, Kinesiology; Angelo J. Dolcini-Catania, Junior, Business Administration; Kayla M. Duffey, Junior, Kinesiology; Merlin C. Ebert, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Samuel A. Elliott, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Laura N. Ely, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Tobias Felbeck, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences; Noelle R. Galardi, Sophomore, Psychology; Gregory L. Gambatese, Sophomore, Accountancy; Cole A. Gardner, Junior, Forestry; Kelli M. Garrison, Senior, Human Development and Family Science;

Griselda Genaro Lopez, Junior, Marketing; Elizabeth J. Gleason, Senior, Art; Rozalyn S. Goldberg, Senior, Public Health; Jackson J. Golletz, Junior, Computer Science; Gary Gomez, Senior, Marketing; Isidro Gonzalez, Junior, Biology; Jacob R. Gradwohl, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Matthew R. Gradwohl, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Joseph A. Greenwood, Senior, Civil Engineering; Cody A. Gustafson, Senior, Bioengineering; Caoilinn M. Haggerty, Senior, Rangeland Sciences; Kolby J. Hamacher, Senior, Natural Resources; Rami P. Hansen, Junior, Computer Science;

Jonathan Harder, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Elena G. Hart, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Owen D. Hatch, Senior, Political Science; Matthew R. Hawkins, Sophomore, Spanish; Claire M. Hekkala, Senior, Pre-Computer Science; Daniel N. Hendrix, Junior, Finance; McKenna L. Henke, Freshman, Kinesiology; Blake D. Henry, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Michael A. Hernandez, Senior, Kinesiology; Jordan N. Holdaway, Junior, Biology; Kathyleen Q. Hu, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Noah C. Hubele, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Ashley M. Hudson, Senior, Zoology;

Hannah A. Hunicke, Sophomore, History; Derek M. Jackson, Senior, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Adrienne P. Johnson, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Georgia L. Juell, Senior, Political Science; Hunter E. Keller, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Kiernan Kilkenny, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Carson J. Kinkade, Junior, Marketing; Fauzi S. Kliman, Senior, Computer Science; Steven R. Kontra, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Nicole M. Kotwasinski, Post Baccalaureate, Business Information Systems; Nathaniel J. Lach, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering;

Rebecca Lam, Junior, Human Development and Family Science; Olivia M. Langley, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Jaime M. Law, Senior, Design and Innovation Management; Carolyn N. Lazaroff, Senior, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Noah J. Lee, Senior, Economics; Samuel H. Leonard, Junior, Pre-Electrical and Computer Engineering; Ellery R. Lewis, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Emma F. Lingle, Senior, Pre-Environmental Engineering; Lily S. Liu, Senior, Graphic Design; Jennifer H. Loomis, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Lin Lu, Senior, Bioengineering;

Erica J. Lumianski, Senior, Political Science; Robert A. MacDonald, Senior, Computer Science; Alyssa A. MacKenzie, Junior, Nutrition; Lydia M. Maine, Junior, Business Administration; Mary K. Marshall, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Georgia M. Mason, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Ruth M. McCullough, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Sean B. Mc Lean, Senior, Anthropology; Katherine B. Melton, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Dylan A. Milota, Freshman, Business Administration; Andrea R. Mitev, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Ammara Molvi, Senior, Public Health;

Hamza Molvi, Senior, Marketing; Madison R. Moore, Junior, Biology; Justin M. More, Junior, Speech Communication; Suzanna E. Morre, Senior, Management; Shelby L. Mosel, Senior, English; Lorena B. Navarro-Sluznis, Senior, Forestry; Margaret J. Newell, Sophomore, Biology; Michael P. Nolan, Senior, Graphic Design; Karen Olivas, Junior, Psychology; Steven D. Olson, Junior, Speech Communication; Regan Orman, Senior, Business Information Systems; Kelton J. Orth, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Peyton C. Orth, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Lydia R. Parker, Senior, History;

Raquel A. Paz Aleman, Junior, Psychology; Robert J. Pettinger, Junior, Management; Shayla V. Pham, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Janean M. Pitman, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Abigail K. Pittman, Senior, Art; Eric J. Podrabsky, Senior, English; Ceph J. Poklemba, Senior, Art; Bryce D. Rasmussen, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Addison D. Reukauf, Sophomore, History; Katharine R. Rhoades, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Rebekah J. Richardson, Senior, Music; Elias C. Richter, Senior, Horticulture;

Lily M. Robins-Deville, Junior, Human Development and Family Science; Evie J. Sabo, Sophomore, Accountancy; Lynne M. Sabourin, Senior, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Donna Sarka, Junior, History; Devin M. Sather, Senior, Computer Science; Merisa J. Schilke, Senior, Psychology; Kellie L. Schimleck, Junior, English; Isabella J. Schrader, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Michael L. Seaver, Senior, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Mohammad H. Shakibnia, Senior, Political Science; Lily M. Shellhammer, Senior, Computer Science; Daisha N. Sherwood, Junior, Management;

Jordan Short, Senior, Tourism, Recreation and Adventure Lead; Katey H. Simmons, Senior, Music; Caleb B. Smith, Senior, Horticulture; Jackson C. Smith, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Maddie M. Smith, Freshman, Political Science; David M. So, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Megan K. Soule, Junior, Anthropology; Samantha A. Souza, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences; Bradley R. Stein, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Alexandra Stepanova, Senior, Business Administration; Maya E. Stock, Freshman, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences;

Kevin I. Takamori, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Aylmer Tan, Senior, Biology; Katelynn M. Thrall, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Samuel D. Timmons, Freshman, Biochemistry & Molecular Biolo; Cristiana L. Vallejos, Senior, Horticulture; Gabrielle M. VanDevelder, Junior, Political Science; Divya Vasudevan, Junior, Business Information Systems; Jordan A. Viramontes, Junior, Biology; Claire R. Waldo, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Hannah M. Wayman, Sophomore, Art; Justin B. Whitton, Senior, Political Science; John R. Wickwire, Senior, Political Science;

Autumn R. Wilkins-Kahn, Sophomore, Design and Innovation Management; Jeremy O. Williams, Senior, Earth Sciences; Christopher A. Wohlwend, Senior, Computer Science; James L. Yang, Junior, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Jasmin S. Yang, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Kaiwen Yang, Senior, Design & Innovation Management; Isabel N. Yelsa, Senior, Kinesiology; Anthony J. Zambito, Post Baccalaureate, Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences; Michelle H. Zhou, Senior, Microbiology; Zachary N. Zimmers, Senior, Industrial Engineering.


Straight-A average: Aidan S. Carson, Senior, Computer Science; Rocio Hernandez Huerta, Junior, Liberal Studies.

3.5 or better: Justin D. Doyle, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry; Cameron J. Kontur, Sophomore, Pre-Manufacturing Engineering; Alex J. Mauric, Junior, History.


Straight-A average: Megan L. Kilgore, Senior, Sociology; Ashley K. Pfarrer, Sophomore, Human Development and Family Science; Erik J. Swanson, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences.

3.5 or better: Sadie J. Blake, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Karlie D. Bullis, Junior, Political Science; Paige A. Celorie, Junior, Environmental Engineering; Zoe M. Clegg, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Devin Z. Daeschel, Senior, Microbiology; Jensen S. Davis, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Danielle R. Gerding, Junior, Psychology; Kallie D. Hagel, Junior, Graphic Design; Justice J. Heern, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Lillie G. Hoffman, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Christopher S. Houck, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Emma L. Howie, Junior, Public Health;

Emily G. Jensen, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Taylor N. Knutson, Sophomore, Pre-Graphic Design; Anna Rose Lammers-Fullmer, Sophomore, Marketing; Marina M. Medina-Garcia, Junior, Accountancy; Rosalina N. Page, Freshman, English; Trevor N. Sartnurak, Senior, Forest Engineering; Laura R. Saunders, Freshman, Psychology; Megan E. Schmidt, Senior, Public Health; Jordan T. Sloan, Senior, Horticulture; Nicholas E. Svoboda, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Lane V. Thompson, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Scott W. Veldman, Senior, Nuclear Engineering; Elena I. Wennstrom, Junior, Physics;

Calvin C. Winney, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Katherine L. Worley, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

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