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Miley Koenig and her mom, Lindsey, waited under a canopy in the soaking rain as people moved through the Corvallis Spring Roll’s bike swap, which gave families a chance to trade a kid’s old bike for a used one that better fits them.

Miley, 8, had outgrown her bike to the point that her knees hit the handlebars as she rode, but she wasn’t initially able to find a bike in her size.

But eventually, as people flowed through, a pink bike her size came in.

Miley, a Corvallis resident, said she was happy about the find:

“It’s bigger,” she said. “I can go faster.”

The moment occurred during the annual bike ride and cycling fair for kids Sunday. Organizers said around 230 kids registered for the event, which also featured an off-road bike skills course, bike safety lessons, and a bike art projects.

Lindsey Koenig said she brought her three children to the event, and liked that the bike swap allowed them to get their kids appropriately sized bikes. She added that she and her husband liked the maintenance checkups they offered.

“We are not bike experts, so we like to have other people check the bikes and helmets,” she said.

She said biking is a good activity to promote for kids because it is healthy.

“It gets kids outside, and it gets them active,” she said.

Ilene McClelland, the event’s organizer, said the nonprofits and broader cycling community that put on the event do so as a way to encourage kids to ride bikes more.

“The more ways you can make bicycling fun and interesting the better,” she said.

She said bicycling is worth promoting because Corvallis is a good city to bike in and it brings physical activity into people’s daily lives.

Niki Mendoza brought her son Thomas to the event and said it was the kind of event for which she’d moved her family back to Corvallis.

“I think it’s a great family event out in the fresh air,” she said. “The kids feel so free riding their bikes.”

Thomas, who is 7, said he liked the event for the outdoor skills course.

“There’s lots of stunts and you can go really fast,” he said.

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