Although she wasn’t supposed to arrive until Jan. 12, Madlyin Rose Gosnell decided to show up a bit early at Samaritan Albany General Hospital — 5:18 a.m. New Year’s Day to be exact.

She is the first baby born in Linn and Benton counties in 2018.

Little Miss Madlyin is the daughter of Selina Scarborough, 20, and her fiance, Michael Gosnell Jr., both of Albany.

She weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 19½ inches long with brown hair and blue eyes. She is the couple’s first baby.

“I wanted to name her Angelia Maria Rose, but Michael wanted a name that started with the letter ‘M’,” her mother said. “It’s spelled like someone is saying madly in love.”

Although her father was born in Klamath Falls, he has spent most of his life in Albany and attended West Albany High School. Her mother was born in Corvallis, but grew up in Albany and attended South Albany High School.

Paternal grandparents are Michael and Melissa Gosnell of Albany and maternal grandparents are Querina Landauer of Albany and Daniel Nelson, who lives in Washington.

“I hope she grows up to have a wonderful life,” Madlyin's mother said, and her father echoed those sentiments.

Her mother would like to teach her about photography, and her father says the family enjoys exploring the outdoors by truck.

He’s also an Oregon Ducks sports fan, but great-grandparents Bruce and Marilyn Gosnell who were visiting Monday afternoon said that might not happen.

“She’ll be a Beavers fan,” her great-grandmother predicted with a grin adding, “She’s gorgeous.”

The family didn’t think they would have the first baby of the year, although they thought the title could go to another family member.

“My cousin Breanna is expecting a baby boy,” Michael explained.

Madlyin represents the fifth generation for the Gosnell family.

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