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The Lang family enjoyed the warm welcome given the Capitol Christmas Tree convoy as it rolled into Baker City. 

(Editor’s note: This is the third in a series of articles written by Adrianne Lang, 14, of Lebanon, as she and her grandparents Will and Lynne Tucker follow the Capitol Christmas Tree to Washington, D.C.)

Wednesday evening we attended an event in Baker City, which is the home of the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.

Impressively, this year marks the 175th anniversary of the Oregon Trail.

From the windows of the museum and the hiking trails, you can still see the ruts made by covered wagons continuing their journey westward.

Outside of the museum was a genuine stamp mill. I had no idea what a stamp mill was. My sister Charlotte guessed that a stamp mill is where they made stamps. Explaining that a stamp mill harvests gold from ore, my mom showed us the working model.

The Capitol Tree event itself was on Main Street. The town was decorated and was ready for Christmas, with lights twinkling in the trees that lined the streets.

Accompanying the People’s Tree and the Forest Service, were the volunteers from the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, who were dressed up as pioneer folk including bonnets and lanterns. Even some little kids were dressed up.

A traditional Father Christmas roamed around and handed out candy canes. The museum also provided a covered wagon with a horse pulling it, which made this event unique.

Thursday we traveled to Pocatello, Idaho. There will be no events until Friday morning, just 5½ hours of driving.

Hopefully, I can get some schoolwork done. We might even stop at some hot springs. I’m crossing my fingers.

Washington, D.C. or bust!

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