Fans at Oregon State University’s Gill Coliseum had a lot to celebrate Saturday  when the women’s basketball team defeated Boise State University in an 80-75 overtime thriller that kept the team’s post-season alive.

But for Linus Pauling Middle School sixth-grader KC Krieg just getting to see women’s basketball teams playing in a boisterous Gill was an inspiring moment.

“It makes me feel like women can do more than men, or people in general, think they can,” she said.

KC, who plays baskeball herself said she learned a little about defensive play watching such high-level competition, but beyond that seeing the game just made her feel more confidence about playing basketball.

“I feel lucky to have the opportunity to watch because they’re good,” she said.

KC said Destiny Slocum of the Beavers is her favorite player because of how much effort she puts in.

“She works hard to help her team every day,” she said.

Mike Collson, a Ridgefield, Washington, resident and women's season ticket holder, also mentioned Slocum as a favorite player, but added he also likes Mikayla Pivec and Taya Corosdale.

“This whole group is pretty special,” said Collson, who said he’s been a regular at games this season despite having to travel in from out of state.

“We’ve been following them a long time. Coach (Scott) Rueck runs a good program and they’re good kids. They’re easy to follow.”

Collson, a member of OSU’s class of 1985, added that it’s always great to host rounds of the NCAA tournament.

“Post-season play is always fun” he said.

Jim Quisenberry, a member of OSU’s class of 1983, also attended the game. Quisenberry, of Eugene, said he’s mostly followed the team on television this year, but he’s made its to Gill for a couple of games in person.

He added that he’s a season ticket holder for men’s basketball and the women’s games seem to draw bigger crowds.

“I’m glad we got the tickets to see this,” he said. “They’re really fun to watch. Just a really high-caliber team.”

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