Alanna Partin

Alanna Partin

A Sweet Home resident was restrained by Linn County deputies after reportedly acting out physically and after several outbursts during a court hearing on Monday afternoon.

Alanna Nicole Partin, 38, repeatedly told Linn County Circuit Court Judge David Delsman that he was in contempt of court, and had no jurisdiction or authority over her.

“Objection,” Partin exclaimed often, during the video conference session of in-custody arraignments from the Linn County Jail.

Delsman cautioned Partin against interrupting and actually muted the jail audio for part of the hearing, so he could proceed. But Partin’s behavior escalated, and she became more belligerent as the hearing continued.

Due to technical problems, a defense attorney’s cellphone was being used for audio during the hearing. Partin jabbed at the phone with her finger repeatedly. Deputies repeatedly kept moving the cellphone farther away, apparently to keep Partin from hitting it.

It was unclear from watching the video feed from the jail whether Partin made contact with the phone. 

It also was unclear what triggered the deputies' decision to physically restrain Partin; at least five deputies were present and helped to restrain her. A “spit hood” was placed over her head.

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Partin was set to be arraigned on three cases, but Delsman said those were rescheduled to Tuesday.

Warrants were issued for her after she failed to appear for multiple court hearings in both Linn and Benton counties.

In Linn County, Partin faces charges of: felony attempt to elude, interfering with a police officer, criminal driving while suspended or revoked for an incident on April 14, as well as two counts of failure to appear; criminal driving while suspended or revoked and resisting arrest for an incident that occurred on April 20, along with one count of failure to appear; and criminal driving while suspended or revoked for an incident on Jan. 5, along with three counts of failure to appear.

In Benton County, Partin faces an open case where she is charged with felon in possession of a firearm, interfering with a police office, unlawful possession of a firearm and failure to carry or present a driver’s license. Those crimes allegedly occurred in November.

Partin was scheduled for a two-day trial in the Benton County case last week, but that was canceled due to her failure to appear for other court cases.

In her absence, a Benton County judge found her guilty of several traffic violations during an early June court appearance.

During the times she has showed for legal proceedings, Partin has acted as her own attorney and repeatedly challenged the courts’ authority over her. Her claims follow the general outlines of the so-called sovereign citizen movement, a loosely organized network of people who assert that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution created an inferior form of citizenship that subjects most Americans to commercial statutes rather than constitutional law.

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