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This log includes incidents in which there might have been a public disturbance or a risk to the public. Information comes from the Corvallis Police Department and the Benton County Sheriff's Office. It does not include all calls for service. The status of incidents might change after further investigation. Locations are approximate. People arrested or suspected in crimes are considered innocent until proven otherwise.

Corvallis Police Department 


VIOLENT CONDUCT: 8:38 a.m., 1550 NW Ninth St., Corvallis. Police responded to Trader Joe’s for a report of a man head-butting another man. The alleged victim did not wish to pursue charges. Police cited the suspect, Albert Nollen, 44, for violent conduct, as well as for a Lebanon Municipal Court warrant for contempt of court.

SCAM: 10:50 a.m., 2900 block of Northeast Lancaster Street, Corvallis. A man said he received a Facebook friend request from a woman he did not know. He proceeded to message with the woman and then Facetime with her, during which he exposed himself. The woman then told him she recorded the video, and he needed to pay her $1,500 via Western Union or she would post the video online. The man did not send any money.

COUNTERFEIT MONEY: 3:30 p.m., 100 SW Second St., Corvallis. A bartender at Squirrels Tavern reported she received a $20 bill that the bank later informed her was counterfeit. The bank had seized the $20 bill.

IDENTITY THEFT: 4:51 p.m., 2700 block of Southwest Pickford Street, Corvallis. A woman reported she received a phone call from a man who convinced her there was criminal activity on her account. She provided the man with her Social Security number, full legal name and date of birth. Police were unable to identify the suspect.

BURGLARY: 8:25 p.m., 900 block of Northwest Garfield Avenue, Corvallis. A woman reported the apartment she was moving into was burglarized and two leather briefcases containing clothing were taken.


DUII: 3:32 a.m., 1100 NE Circle Blvd., Corvallis. Police responded for a report of a man passed out in his car on a road on the HP Campus. Police arrested Isaac Weston Eddleman, 20, of Tangent, for driving under the influence of intoxicants. Eddleman reportedly had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.12 percent. He also was cited for reckless driving and minor in possession of alcohol.

BURGLARY: 4 a.m., 1450 NW Ninth St., Corvallis. Police responded to US Market for a business alarm and found a glass door to the building was shattered. Surveillance video showed two people breaking the glass door with a large rock and stealing food.

SCAM: 100 block of Northeast Conifer Boulevard, Corvallis. A person reported they received a phone call from someone claiming to be a Benton County Sheriff’s Office deputy. The caller told the person they had missed jury duty and needed to pay $3,000. The person bought $1,000 in Google Play cards and sent photos of the cards to the caller.

ILLEGAL CAMPING: 8:22 a.m., Southwest Second Street and Southwest Madison Avenue, Corvallis. Police responded for a camping complaint and found a tent had been placed on the sidewalk at the intersection with signs asking for help. The occupants said they put up the tent after vacating “tent city” across the street. The officer posted the campsite, giving the occupants a 24-hour notice for removal.

STOLEN MOTORCYCLE: 4:56 p.m., 2600 block of Northeast Lancaster Street, Corvallis. A man reported he arrived home to find his red Honda CF4 motorcycle was missing. He found the vehicle on the south side of his apartment complex. The motorcycle’s ignition wires had been cut.


STOLEN GUN: 10:24 a.m., 2700 block of Southwest Wake Robin Place, Corvallis. A man said his unlocked car was entered and his Ruger LCS 9 mm pistol was stolen.

STOLEN MOTORCYCLE: 2900 block of Northwest Ashwood Drive, Corvallis. A man reported his black 1980 Yamaha Maxim motorcycle was stolen from outside his previous residence.

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Lillian Schrock, Gazette-Times