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Police Log

This log includes incidents in which there might have been a public disturbance or a risk to the public. Information comes from the Corvallis Police Department, the Benton County Sheriff's Office and the Oregon State Police. It does not include all calls for service. The status of incidents might change after further investigation. Locations are approximate. People arrested or suspected in crimes are considered innocent until proven otherwise.

Corvallis Police Department


ROAD RAGE: 9:49 a.m., Northwest Fourth Street and Northwest Harrison Boulevard, Corvallis. Police responded for a road rage incident. A man said another man had stopped him in the middle of the road and punched him in the face. Police contacted the suspect, who said he was driving on Highway 34 in Linn County when the other driver cut him off. He said the other driver started flipping him off and yelling at him as they drove into Corvallis. He said he stopped to confront the other driver, and they yelled at one another. The first driver later told police the suspect had knocked the hat off his head and did not punch him. The first driver said he wanted to pursue charges for assault, but the officer told him what happened did not rise to the level of assault. There were no independent witnesses to what actually occurred. Both drivers were warned about disorderly conduct.

VIOLENT CONDUCT: 1:39 p.m., Southwest Third Street and Western Boulevard, Corvallis. A man said he had just arrived at the skate park when he was approached by a man he did not know who tried to sell him marijuana. The man said he did not want marijuana, and the other man became upset and chased him. He also said the man punched him several times in the face. Officers located the alleged suspect, who said he was supposed to meet the first man at the skate park to sell him marijuana but that he tried to take the marijuana and run, which is why he chased him and they fought. The investigation was discontinued.

CHILD PORNOGRAPHY: 2:12 p.m., 3000 block of Frontage Road, Corvallis. A woman reported she was included in a Facebook group chat in which photographs of nude teens were sent to the group by teenagers. The woman provided her login information to her Facebook account. Officers viewed the photographs the woman was speaking of and determined no nude photographs of children had been sent and there was no crime.


ATTEMPT TO ELUDE: 5:57 a.m., Southwest Ninth Street and Southwest Monroe Avenue, Corvallis. An officer tried to stop a motorcycle for speeding and failing to stop for a red light. The motorcycle sped away southbound on Ninth Street before turning east on Southwest Jefferson Avenue. The motorcycle did not have a license plate. Police were unable to locate the motorcycle.

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Lillian Schrock, Gazette-Times