Police Log


Attempted extortion – 3:39 p.m., Monday, 100 block NW 14th Street. A man reported that he met a woman through social media who described herself as a single mother needing money. He reported that he agreed to pay her $10 for nude photos and the two continued to have these transactions for a while until the woman threatened to tell police he had nude images of a minor unless he sent her more money. The investigating officer read their interactions and found the woman had not disclosed her age. The officer advised the man to not pay the woman and to block communications with her.

Laughlin Part 1 – 5:25 p.m., Monday, 450 SW Third Street. An officer arrested Linda Arlene Laughlin, 59, a transient, after she allegedly threatened to grab the genitals of a woman who wouldn’t give her money in the parking lot of the Safeway. The woman told police Laughlin had scared her and her six-year-old to the point she wouldn’t shop at the Safeway anymore. Laughlin was charged with aggressive panhandling and released.

Laughlin Part 2 – 8:22 p.m., Monday, 1476 NW Monroe Avenue. Employees at the Circle K called police because a woman was being disruptive by putting her arm on the hot food roller and refusing to leave the store. The woman reportedly left when employees called police. An officer found Linda Arlene Laughlin nearby and identified her as the disruptive person. The officer issued her a trespass notice.

Laughlin Part 3 – 7:06 a.m., Tuesday, 2075 NW Circle Boulevard. Employees at the Jackson’s store reported a woman came into the store complaining about being cold, then started grabbing the hot water nozzles of hot water and coffee machines. She also began cursing at customers. The woman reportedly went into the bathroom and had to be forced to leave by police, who identified her as Linda Arlene Laughlin. She was issued a trespass notice.

Laughlin Part 4 – 8:44 p.m., Tuesday, 324 SW Second Street. An officer responded to a report of a woman sleeping in an alcove of the Kidstheletic Club and found Linda Arlene Laughlin. She reportedly swore at the officer, who removed her from the location, and shoved her shopping cart full of belongings into the officer. She was given a trespass notice, which she reportedly shoved down her pants and rubbed on her genitals before throwing the notice on the ground and leaving.


Stolen painting — About 10:23 a.m. Tuesday, a caller in the 37000 block of Crabtree Drive reported that a painting valued at $1,000 was stolen off her porch.

Shop tools taken — About 1:41 p.m. Tuesday, a caller in the 31000 block of Rolland Drive, Tangent, reported there was forced entry into a building that caused about $500 damage. There was about $2,600 worth of tools including a wire welder, angle grinder and reciprocating utility saw taken.

Snowed in — Deputies were called about 9:07 p.m. to assist radio tower repairmen stuck in the snow when their side-by-side UTV broke down. The machine had broken on Monday and the men walked out, then returned Tuesday on foot, but after many attempts to fix the machine, found themselves stranded in the dark. Deputies reached them with tracked machines and got the men and their equipment out of the woods.


Unlawful use of a weapon — Joshua Robert Swensen, 21, of Albany, was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and menacing – domestic violence. The crimes allegedly occurred on Tuesday, and the Albany Police Department was the investigating agency.

Failure to appear — From Wednesday afternoon. Matthew Wayne Stainbrook, 31, of Salem, was charged with felony first-degree failure to appear. The crime allegedly occurred on Feb. 6. Stainbrook also was charged with probation violation in a separate case.

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