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Secretly recorded videos of women walking on the OSU campus have been removed from an internet porn site, a university official said on Friday.

Surreptitiously recorded videos of women walking on the Oregon State University campus have been removed from an internet porn purveyor’s website.

“The individual who took those images and posted them, or the pornography site themselves, apparently took down the images. They are no longer on the site,” said Steve Clark, vice president for university relations and marketing.

The Oregon State Police and the Oregon State University Department of Public Safety are still investigating the matter and monitoring campus.

Clark said that to his knowledge, there has not been any identification of a suspect or suspects.

While the behavior apparently wasn’t illegal, Clark called it “inappropriate” and “creepy.”

About 50 videos of women walking on campus, taken from behind, were loaded onto the internet porn site in the last few weeks, Clark said. He added that he didn’t think the women could be identified.

Oregon State notified the public of the situation on Thursday, the same day that two individuals reported the matter to the university’s Department of Public Safety.

“The response from the OSU community has been positive. They appreciate being kept informed and they appreciate transparency,” Clark said.

OSU has asked people on campus to be aware of their surroundings and report any sightings of an individual appearing to take unsolicited videos of people or following others while walking a silver-blue mountain bike with a cellphone in hand.

Those with information related to the case should call the OSU Department of Public Safety nonemergency line at 541-737-3010.

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