Nancy Edwards

Nancy Edwards

A Sweet Home woman charged with attempted murder is accused of violating her release agreement for allegedly contacting or trying to contact the victim in the case — her ex-boyfriend — and the prosecution is seeking to recover her full $250,000 bail.

Nancy Virginia Edwards, 57, was rearrested on Tuesday and appeared in Linn County Circuit Court on Wednesday afternoon on two contempt of court cases.

Judge Michael Wynhausen, noting the seriousness of the cases, as well as allegations of potential witness tampering made by the prosecution, set her security in those new matters at $125,000 each.

Wynhausen also scheduled a hearing on revoking her release and forfeiting her bail in the attempted murder case.

Edwards paid a $25,000 deposit, or 10 percent of the security amount, to be released from the Linn County Jail on Aug. 18. The prosecution is seeking forfeiture of that deposit, as well as an entry of judgement against Edwards for her full $250,000 security in the attempted murder case.

According to authorities, Edwards allegedly stabbed her ex-boyfriend during an argument on July 29, puncturing his lung. While the ex-boyfriend was on the phone with 9-1-1 dispatchers, reporting the stabbing, Edwards broke through a sliding glass door and tried to attack him a second time, according to a news release from the Linn County Sheriff’s Office.

The prosecution alleges that Edwards broke her security release agreement in both November and in March.

In November, a resident told an LCSO supervisor that she had seen Edwards and the victim together in Lebanon, according to court paperwork.

On March 9, a different resident stopped to aid a woman lying in a ditch in the 28000 block of Pleasant Valley Road, about 100 yards from the victim’s house. The resident recognized the woman as Edwards because of news accounts, and he told authorities she was intoxicated, according to court paperwork.

“He said she ‘begged and pleaded’ with him ‘not to get the cops involved,’” a police report states.

When the resident asked if she had a car, she replied that her ex-boyfriend picked her up so they could spend time together, according to the police report.

The resident then told Edwards that he had called the police and she started walking toward Sweet Home, the police report states.

Edwards, who also is charged with first-degree assault in the attempted murder case, is scheduled for a four-day jury trial beginning Nov. 4.

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