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Students reflect on holiday memories, traditions

Students reflect on holiday memories, traditions

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I like when we get our Christmas tree and we go on hunts like we are in the forest because there is a bunch of trees. Papa has a saw and he cuts it down. We stand back so if it falls we won't be in the way and get hit. We say "timberrrr" and it crashes to the ground. I watch the Christmas tree to make sure it doesn't fall out the back of the truck. And then, when we bring it home and we are home for awhile, it takes awhile for my Mom and Dad to put it up because it wobbles. Then we put our ornaments on it. That's the fun part of Christmas. We put toys like nutcrackers around the tree and a new train we just got this year. But the funnest part of Christmas is when we put baby Jesus in the manger, and that's the day we celebrate Christmas Day.

- Micah Matthews, kindergarten

One Christmas night we were hanging ornaments on the tree. We heard about our own Christmas trees for our bedrooms. We made garlands and other things for our trees. We put our tree in my bedroom. I was excited. At night we lit them. The end.

- Caleb Matthews, second grade

St. Nicholas Day is a holiday we celebrate in December. Sometimes on St. Nicholas Day at dinner we read the story of St. Nicholas. He would walk up to people's doors and knock on the door and then run and hide. The things he would leave were a delight to everybody. Here are some of the things: something wooden, something warm, and something good to eat. When we get to open our stockings we find something wooden, like a yo-yo; something warm, like a snow hat; and something good to eat, like chocolates and other fun stuff like that. It makes me feel special when I get to open my stocking and I think of St. Nicholas and how he was kind to people who were less fortunate than him.

- Hailey Hope Matthews, third grade

One Christmas all the presents were opened. "Huh?", said my Dad. "Look up there!" In our tree there was a note in the hands of our angel Alabaster. Dad got it down and we read it. It said, "Every week you will get a clue for a surprise yet to come." For about four weeks we got one or two letters a week. One day our Dad came home a little early. Then he read the last letter. He opened the van door. He said, "Can you find anything in there?" "A note!" Hailey said. She read it. It said "Congratulations, you are going to DISNEYLAND!!!!" We all said excitedly, "When are we going?". Our Dad said, "get in the car, we are going RIGHT NOW!" At first, I thought "Oh, he's just teasing." But oh, he wasn't. On the road just a little way down, we started putting things together: "That is why my socks were missing from the drawer, because you had packed them." As we went down the road, I thought: "I have the best family ever!"

- Emma Matthews

Christmas is my favorite holiday because I get to decorate a tree with glittering lights and ornaments, we make delicious cookies, and because we get to see friends and family.

First off, at Christmas my family gets to decorate a tree. At my house, endless boxes of ornaments are everywhere and lights will be strung all around. A star on top and numerous sweet smelling candy canes are neatly placed on the tree.

Next, I always make cookies. Sugar and chocolate chip are the most common. My mom makes the most delicious frosting in the world and we glaze cookies of all shapes and sizes. My brother does most of the baking and I can smell it wafting all around the house.

Last but not least, my brother and I get to see our relatives. We come from all different states to gather at Grandma's for dinner and presents. Everyone always brings a food or dessert, after dinner, we open presents.

In summary I love Christmas because my family gets to decorate, we get to make cookies, and because we get to see our family and friends.

- Dana Hiett, fifth grade

My favorite things to do in December are listen to my dad read Christmas stories, find a Christmas tree, and go to grandma and grandpa's for Christmas and Christmas Eve.

First, I love listening to my dad read Christmas stories around the glowing fire. We always read stories like "The Three Trees" and "The Christmas Guest."

Second, finding a Christmas tree is always a joy to my cousin, Summer, and me as we crunch through a white blanket of snow to find just the right tree. After that, we sled down a hill rousing all the powdery snow.

Last, I'm very happy to go to grandma and grandpa's for Christmas and Christmas Eve. My cousins and I shred open presents and stuff ourselves with all the candy we can get.

In summary, my favorite things to do in December are listening to Christmas stories, get our Christmas tree, and go to grandma and grandpa's for Christmas and Christmas Eve.

- Kayleen Keeney, sixth grade

What are some of my family's Christmas traditions? Some of my family's Christmas traditions are: Snow cones, Christmas tree cut from our own home, and last but not least, opening one present on Christmas Eve. My family traditions have been going on for years and they mean a lot to me. Pay attention and I will tell you a little more.

First, snow cones are one of my favorite traditions for several particular reasons. Here are a few of them. Reason No. 1, they are delicious, melty, sweet, and icy cold. Reason No. 2, they are homemade and healthy, the way my mother makes them from the fresh snow they are so good and healthy even, because my mom makes them with concentrated juice rather than syrup.

Second, home-cut Christmas trees are a great tradition, but only if they're on your own property. Here's a couple reasons why. Reason No. 1, it's fun, going out with the family to pick a Christmas tree, maybe start a snowball fight and make it home to a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Reason No. 2, it's good for the forest: cutting down one of the trees that's in a close packed bunch is good because those that remain grow up big and strong rather than stunted and small.

Finally, opening one present on Christmas Eve is an awesome tradition and probably my favorite. Here's why. Reason No. 1, it builds anticipation: Opening the one brings puts the influence over you that you must see what the others contain. Reason No. 2, it gives more space: Kids usually open the biggest present first, thinking it will be better (and sometimes it is), and there is more space under the Christmas tree.

In conclusion, my family's Christmas traditions mean a lot to me and I think they are really cool. First, snow cones are a favorite tradition of mine and really tasty. Next, home-cut Christmas trees are also a favorite of mine and they're good for the environment. Lastly, opening one present on Christmas Eve is my favorite tradition.

- Alexis Johnson

My favorite family tradition at Christmas time is cutting down our own Christmas tree, we also go in the forest to get our tree, we play in the crunchy snow. While we're there we have a lot of fun.

First, about a week before Christmas we go in the forest to search for our perfect Christmas tree. We are in the forest for about four hours while my family is looking for the perfect tree. My whole family loves being in the forest with all the beautiful white snow surrounding us.

Obviously, playing in the crunchy snow after looking for our tree is part of the tradition. Before we leave the house my family gets dressed in nice warm clothes so we're all cozy while playing in the snow. Then after we find the perfect tree we sled down massive hills.

My favorite family tradition at Christmas time is cutting down our own tree, we also go in the forest to get our tree, and we play in the crunchy snow too. It's lots of fun.

- Dakota Garcia, sixth grade

Why do I think Christmas morning is wonderful?

I like Christmas morning because of spending time with my family, the colorful decorations, and because of the presents that are given and received.

First, I like Christmas morning because I can spend time with my family. Relatives I don't see very often, like my cousins, come over to my house to celebrate the day. We play games, eat treats, and talk about our lives. Our house is full of people, laughter, and fun which I enjoy.

Next, I also like Christmas morning because of the decorations. I like the ornaments on the tree because they are colorful, unique, and many are handmade. I just love the colored lights I can see on my house because it makes it sparkle and twinkle. We have blow up yard decorations that light up the night and bring out the Christmas spirit!

Finally, I like Christmas morning because of the presents. It's fun to open presents, get new toys, and play with them all day. It's very amusing seeing how relatives react to their gifts! I am always grateful for what I receive for Christmas.

So you see, I like Christmas morning because I get to spend time with my family, because of the Christmas decorations, and because of the Christmas presents. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas morning.

- Samuel Murray

On Christmas Eve, my family has three really cool traditions we do. We fluff up the tree, we get the milk and cookies for Santa and we open up one present.

First, we fluff up the tree. The tree is the best part because you get to put a whole lot of homemade decorations on the branches. One of my favorite things to put on is the angel with all of its beautiful lights and colors.

Second, we get the milk and cookies. That's a good part too because my siblings and I get to lick the cookie dough bowl which is always yummy with chocolate chips and sometimes oatmeal. I put sprinkles on the cookies that need them. My mom loves our cookies.

Third, at 11 o'clock we get to open one present which is always the smallest. Our presents bring us together sometimes because we like playing with each other's gifts. Each of ours is cooler than the other in its own way.

Importantly, on Christmas Eve my family has three traditions. We fluff up the tree, we get the milk and cookies for Santa and then we open up one present.

- Silver Baker, fifth grade

My favorite Christmas experience happened long ago. Yet I wasn't there to experience it. I have heard the story as well as many others...

It was late at night. The city was very crowded. Mary and Joseph wandered around Bethlehem seeking to find a place to stay for the night, but the inns had no room. Mary was pregnant and about to give birth. Finally they came to an inn that had room in a stable.

That night Mary gave birth to a son, whom they named Jesus. Jesus grew up. When he was about 33 he died on the cross, taking the sins of the whole world. Without Jesus being born, we wouldn't celebrate Christmas.

- Sarah Aanes



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