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Letter: Raw milk risk small compared to risk from GMOs, factory farms

Letter: Raw milk risk small compared to risk from GMOs, factory farms

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I believe everyone has the right to sovereignty in food, health care and other life choices. Everything has some risk; societies are healthiest when decision-making power is spread out rather than consolidated in the hands of the few, and when people can make informed choices.

Humans have a symbiotic relationship with bacteria and other organisms.

Gut bacteria is an essential part of health, particularly for the immune system and the brain, and food choices affect this.

Every choice we make carries risks. Those choosing raw milk or pro-biotic foods do so to support a healthy intestinal flora. Ditto for organically raised foods free of pesticides and GMOs that stress the immune system and disrupt natural body systems.

The rare risk of bad bacteria overtaking good bacteria is small, and easily prevented by farmers who practice good sanitation procedures. Know your farmers (if you don’t raise food yourself), and it’s more likely your foods will be raised with integrity and care.

Those choosing factory-farmed foods with pesticide and antibiotic residues or genetic manipulation are assuming different risks: long-term immune system stresses, disruption of healthy gut flora, and contributing to the creation of antibiotic-resistant germs.

Our bodies are elegant integrated systems that work symbiotically with bacteria, foods and the environmental systems of which we are part.

Those of us choosing to work harmoniously within this system have the right to have our healthy choices unimpeded by politics, disinformation and the control of global corporations more interested in profits than wellness.

Suzannah Doyle



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