Letter: Trump doesn't even need to try

Letter: Trump doesn't even need to try


Someone wrote the other day that they believed that Trump is "trying." My question is this: trying to do what?

Trying to point the finger at Obama, Hilary Clinton, Comey or the press, instead of taking responsibility himself?

Trying to see how many lies he can tell (hint: it's a LOT)?

Trying to divide the country by encouraging violence in the name of fighting terrorism?

Trying to ruin our country by removing protections for the land, water, animals and national parks and monuments?

Trying to demean women and lash out at anyone who "wrongs" him?

Trying to kill health care for 23 million people?

Face it, all he is trying to do is make as much money as possible for himself, his family and his rich "friends" at our expense.

He is graceless, narcissistic and mean, and he doesn't even have to try.

Rebecca Stillwell

Albany (July 1)


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