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The attorney for a Black man serving a virtual life sentence for shootings he committed at 17 has asked the Washington Supreme Court to reconsider a split ruling that upheld his sentence. The attorney says the leniency the court granted white defendants in similar situations reveals racial bias. The court last month upheld 61-year sentence for 45-year-old Tonelli Anderson over angry dissents from four justices. The decision abandoned a precedent issued just a year earlier in which the court said — in the case of a white defendant — that such lengthy punishments for juvenile killers were unconstitutional because it left them no hope of a meaningful life outside prison. The state's response is due later this month.

The City Council in Vancouver, Washington, has approved a $725,000 settlement in the police shooting of a man who was experiencing a mental health crisis in April 2020. Three Vancouver police officers fatally shot William Abbe. The Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office deemed it was lawful and justified. Kara Brandon, Abbe’s daughter, filed a federal lawsuit in 2021 against the city of Vancouver and the involved officers. It alleged wrongful death, negligence, assault and battery, and excessive force. The federal judge ordered the case dismissed on Tuesday after the two sides agreed to settle.

An eastern Washington rancher has been sentenced to 11 years in prison by a federal judge for a massive “ghost cattle” scam that defrauded Tyson Foods and another company out of more than $244 million. Cody Easterday of Mesa, Washington, was sentenced Tuesday afternoon in federal court in Yakima, Washington. Prosecutors contended Easterday fraudulently charged the companies for approximately 265,000 head of cattle that did not exist and destroyed his family’s ranching empire in the process. Easterday pleaded guilty to wire fraud on March 31, 2021. The judge also ordered him to pay $244 million in restitution and serve three years of probation after he's released from prison.

As California’s drought deepens, more rural communities are running out of water. Heavy pumping is depleting groundwater supplies that aren’t being replenished by rain and snowmelt. More than 1,200 wells have run dry this year statewide, a nearly 50% increase over the same period last year, according to state data. The groundwater crisis is most severe in the San Joaquin Valley, the country’s most productive agricultural region, where farmers rely more heavily on groundwater because they aren’t getting much water from the state’s depleted reservoirs.


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Corvallis leaders put the city's transit provider on notice: For breaking its contract with the city, it may be held financially accountable after some services were curtailed in September.

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