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Mehlhaf's Clothiers Closing 01 (copy)

Rich and Terre Mehlhaf are closing their Corvallis clothing store, a downtown staple, after a 54-year run.

ROSE (roz) n. One of the most beautiful of all flowers, a symbol of fragrance and loveliness. Often given as a sign of appreciation.

RASPBERRY (raz’ber’e) n. A sharp, scornful comment, criticism or rebuke; a derisive, splatting noise, often called the Bronx cheer.

We hereby deliver:

• RASPBERRIES to the mailing mess that left Corvallis' Vina Moses Center $30,000 in the red. 

A story in Thursday's Gazette-Times has all the details,  but here's the upshot: Vina Moses, like many nonprofit organizations, relies on a year-end mailing to solicit donations. In the case of Vina Moses, the money raised in the year-end letter helps fund the center's Christmas Program, which provides food and gifts to low-income families.

But because of a shipping issue, the Vina Moses year-end letter never was sent out. Some of the organization's regular donors still came through even though they didn't get the letter, but the bottom line is that the Christmas Program, which costs about $40,000, is $30,000 in the hole.

The organization has enough money in its emergency reserves to pay the Christmas bills (this, nonprofits, is why you need to have some money in reserve). But it's still hoping that the community will come through with donations to help cover the gap.

Here's how you can help: Mail donations to the Vina Moses Center at 968 NW Garfield Ave., Corvallis, OR, 97330. Or you can make donations at the center's website, Call 541-753-1420 for more information.  

• RASPBERRIES to influenza, especially in the wake of this week's news that the flu season is on the rise throughout the mid-valley. The recent increase in reported cases started in the southern part of Oregon and worked its way north, according to a report this week in the online health publication The Lund Report.

The good news: It's not at all too late to get a flu shot. 

• ROSES, we guess, to a recent report that labeled Corvallis the most educated city in the United States. Here at Roses and Raspberries, we like to keep you informed about these national surveys about this or that, and Corvallis typically does well in many of these.

Most recently, an alert reader called our attention to this posting, created by the folks at TitleMax, a title-lending company: It looks like someone at the company crunched some census numbers to bestow the No. 1 ranking on Corvallis. 

Taking into account the percentage of adults with a high school diploma, the percentage with some college and the percentage with a bachelor's degree or more, Corvallis scored No. 1 on the TitleMax scale. Corvallis also ranked No. 1 for the percentage of adults with at least a high school diploma (97.95 percent) and second for the percentage of people with a bachelor's degree or higher (57.11 percent).

We know what you're thinking: That No. 2 ranking on the bachelor's degree scale is an outrage! What city dares to  score higher than Corvallis on this measurement? The answer is Boulder, Colorado (64.2 percent).

We know what else you're thinking: Which city was named the least-educated city in the United States? Here's the answer: Dalton, Georgia.

And now, Corvallis, it's important to keep in mind the immortal advice Han Solo gave to Luke Skywalker in "A New Hope:" "Great, kid! Don't get cocky."

• RASPBERRIES to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the Golden Globes, for getting it wrong with some of its winners at Sunday's ceremony. The big blunder: We're sorry, fans of "Bohemian Rhapsody," but that movie is not the best drama of the year. Nor will its win do much for the movie's Oscar chances (although Academy voters now may take another look at Rami Malek's performance in the Queen biopic). 

On the other hand, we do count on the Globes each year to be the wacky uncle of the awards season, and so on that score, good job, members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Swing by the house for a drink next year.

One last note: Does it strike anyone else as odd that the Foreign Press Association considers foreign films ineligible for its best picture awards?

• ROSES, and our very best wishes, to Rich and Terre Mehlhaf, who are closing the doors of Mehlhaf's Clothiers in downtown Corvallis for good after Saturday. Thanks to both of you for decades of helping mid-valley men dress a little sharper. If you continue to see guys wearing untucked shirts under their sweaters, rest assured: It's not your fault. (mm)

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