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    I believe Roen Hogg would make an excellent mayor. He has served on Corvallis City Council for eight years. I appreciate his focus on keeping Corvallis a great place to live, work and raise a family.

      I fully support Roen Hogg for Mayor of Corvallis. Roen has eight exceptional years of experience on the City Council. During those years, Roen provided dedicated, impartial, and thoughtful service to our community.

        While it is true that some recent changes in the paper have disturbed many readers, I continue to be grateful that we have a local paper. In many communities hedge funds purchase then eliminate local newspapers; we still have ours. While some have said they miss certain comics and columns, it is a small price to pay for having access to local and regional news.

          I’ve enjoyed a morning ritual for some years since I retired: I start the coffee machine, and while it’s brewing, I check my email, the weather forecast and the headlines on CNN, Washington Post or BBC.

          My husband and I are very disappointed in the changes to the comics, games and advice section of the local paper. We are longtime subscribers to the daily delivery edition. We loved to start each day reading the paper with breakfast.

          Re: “Dems hinging hopes on abortion,” Sept. 21; So true, because there’s not much else they can credibly run on. And in Oregon the abortion issue is moot because it’s legal here and will remain so unless the Democrat majority in the Legislature is broken, which is highly unlikely.

          From its inception, this nation has been religiously diverse and the basis for the Constitutional Amendment securing freedom of religious expression and belief. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, this was intended to create “a wall of separation between church and state.”

          Really?!? You used a whole page in the front section of today's paper (Monday, Sept. 19) to show color pictures of the latest OSU football game?!? Don't you already have a second section with plenty of room for sports? I am biting my tongue to resist commenting on the last picture on the page.

          I suppose it’s natural for people who don’t like change to be more vocal than those who are OK with it, as seen in Sunday (Sept. 18) letters about the paper's format changes.


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          I am very unhappy that you eliminated Dear Abby and all but one of the good comic strips. I know my opinion is not important to the editor, however I just wanted you to know.

          Along with all of the other complaints, bring back Crankshaft to the comic section. It was a smart cranky strip that beats the stupidity of some of the other comics you have chosen to keep, if you had a choice at all.

          Just finished the Sept. 18 Sunday Comics. No Crankshaft and no Baby Blues. Instead, three insipid, poorly drawn "new" strips for our enjoyment. The Argyle Sweater, Dog Gone Funnix and The Born Loser???

          Well, you ruined the weekly comics and now the Sunday comics. If you would have left well enough alone, it was better than what you did now. Luann, LIO, Crabgrass. Baldo — are not funny. They are dumb.

          As I sit and read my Sunday paper, can’t help but agree with other disappointed long-term subscribers as to how the paper has been reconstructed. Digital is not for everyone, myself included, but I do not understand why daily newspaper has been "chopped up, customer favorites eliminated."

          I, too, am disappointed and agree with the Sunday, Sept. 18 letters about the changes to the advice, comics, and puzzles pages. My elderly mother (mid-90s) doesn't have a computer so can't visit your website for her favorite comics and "other" (as in not the L.A. Times) crossword.

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