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    By now, people are tired reading about the controversy started when I commented on Bono’s statement that capitalism creates prosperity by allowing people to keep the fruit of their creativity and labor (“Let us bend our moral arc further,” Jan. 20).

      At a recent Corvallis City Council meeting, some councilors lamented the loss of revenue that would have been generated had they passed the NW Natural 10-year franchise agreement update.

        I was very moved by your front-page article (“Sweet Home opens low-barrier shelter,” Jan. 22) about Sweet Home’s attempt to not only house the unhoused but also provide them with other needed services, such as health care.

        I have no words to adequately express my appreciation and thankfulness to the person who turned in my lost checkbook to the customer service department at the Lebanon Walmart store on Jan. 19.

        In a Jan. 18 letter (“Disappointed by anti-Trump tirade”), Jay Burreson criticizes Tony Van Vliet for name-calling and character assassination in describing Donald Trump.


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