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Mailbag: As the saying goes, 'Sleepers, awake'

Mailbag: As the saying goes, 'Sleepers, awake'

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I am hoping the recent heatwave — 115 degrees, hotter in some places, breaking records that go back 2,000 years — will be a wake-up call to the fact that global warming is a reality.

We must do something to help our planet before it’s too late. So much is pointing to the need to wake up. Places that used to have 30 feet of snow and ice year around are bare rock. Whales washing up dead on the beaches with 250 pounds of plastic in their stomachs they can’t digest.

I’ve seen pelicans on the Oregon Coast not normally seen here. I was told the Southern California ocean waters are too warm for their normal food sources, so they have followed the fish north. California dams and lakes are so low from lack of rain, many farmers aren’t planting their crops, as there’s no water to support them.

I worry about our power grid being drained, causing outages; there have already been some outages, and with this record heat, that can be deadly. Not everyone has or can afford air conditioning. I am a disabled senior who can hardly go anywhere for relief. This heat makes me very ill, so I hope the power grid keeps up, because if it goes, I have no way to stay cool.

I hope people realize we must make changes before it’s too late. Scientists say we’re in the grips of a mega-drought that could last for decades. As the saying goes, “Sleepers, awake.”

Joan Hunt



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