Last Friday I found myself in a pickle. I found out I could not get new tags or registration for my car. A mistake in a Department of Motor Vehicles computer conversion had canceled my registration and sent my title to another state.

Needing to resolve it, I called the state DMV in Salem and after 45 minutes on the phone was sent to our local DMV in Corvallis. Waiting room; 40 people. A couple of hours waiting. When it was my turn a slow burn was coming on.

However, as I waited I watched the DMV wrestle with countless problems, all the time with courtesy, graciousness, and professionalism. It was very impressive. Both the staff in Salem and especially here in Corvallis worked feverishly to resolve my problem.

A big shout-out to the Corvallis DMV staff.

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Unless I don't get my tags.

Richard Donovan

Corvallis (Aug. 25)

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