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It is that time when

Leaves are fallin’

And old man winter’s

Voice starts callin’


When October's over

Things move slower

Except around

Those big leaf blowers


There’s cookies splashed with

Orangish icing

And everything has

Pumpkin spicing


A long ways past

The equinox

It’s time for us to

Turn back clocks


There’s ghosts and goblins

In the streets

Who come demanding

Tricks or treats


This time of year

Would have perfection

Except for just this

One objection


I guess it’s almost


To bring it up

And make a fuss


But I confess

The truth is I’m

Not ready yet

For Christmas time

Kevin Ahern

Corvallis (Oct. 25)

The writer, an Oregon State University professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, also is the author of the book "A Limerick a Day for a Year."

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