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It’s wintertime in Oregon

The clouds have all come back

Most leaves are gone, the moss is out

And all the ducks go “quack!”

Our pumps are sumping merrily

In the dark and dingy cold

And lovers don’t use mistletoe

They just stand under mold

A true sign of the season really

Raises my eyebrows

Whene’er I sight the first of winter’s

Squadron of rain plows

Dear Santa if you come our way

And think you fly with eagles

Beware the air you breathe out here

Cuz marijuana’s legal

Alas the spring’s three months away

And summer three months more

My wife’s attacking mildew and

It looks like it is war

But all is not so gloomy and

There’s more than rain deluges

In this new mid-election year

Let's vote out all the Scrooges

I end this verse with festive thoughts

Amidst a wintry scene

Happy Holidays to everyone

The millennium’s now 18

Kevin Ahern

Corvallis (Dec. 23)

The author, an Oregon State University professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, also is the author of the book "A Limerick a Day for a Year."


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