Letter: A thought for Veterans Day

Letter: A thought for Veterans Day


On this Veterans Day, an unusual thought came to mind: As we celebrate those who put their lives on the line in our nation's service, it is time to give equal status to the individuals and groups who have worked, for many decades, to put an end to war.

Why not place on the stage, along with veterans from recent conflicts — WWII, Vietnam, Korea, the Gulf War, etc. — to share in the high-fives, the hugs, the memories — those who served in the Peace Corps, the World Federalists (too many to mention) — and to acknowledge their sacrifice in efforts to remove the scourge of warfare from humanity?

What an amazing future to imagine, where no longer do we need to celebrate the insanity of armed conflict (in particular, the "wars of convenience") but instead to recognize our transition into a more enlightened modus operandi.

Are we capable of this, or will the older, destructive, dysfunctional patterns continue into an uncertain future?

M. Boyd Wilcox

Corvallis (Nov. 11)


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