Alex Paul’s recent article about the census presentation in Sweet Home is the canary in the coal mine for every congressional district in the United States. The message is that an increase in your area’s census numbers leads to more local federal funding. Lacking high census data costs Oregon millions of dollars.

The citizens of Oregon do not appear to appreciate that the census is about U.S. citizenship, not foreigners, transients, or citizens from other states like college students. The unspoken truth is that even with a perfect census of citizens and foreigners there is no proof that the federal money will show up to benefit Sweet Home, Corvallis, Albany or any place in Oregon. Will the money disappear into solar and wind power or climate change initiatives pushed by the Oregon Legislature? If federal money shows up, does this mean lower taxes? You can stop laughing now.

If there is no U.S. citizenship block on the census, then what is being measured for purposes of funding? In California, avoiding asking about U.S. citizenship means massive billions in extra federal funds and even more House representatives. In a search I found that California is suspected of having over 2.2 million illegal immigrants. (https://www.pewhispanic.org/interactives/u-s-unauthorized-immigrants-by-state/) Based on the article's $3,900 per person, California might get $8.5 billion based on illegal immigrants alone.

The money ends up being diluted when data about illegal immigrants is mixed with citizenship data. To me, a no-citizenship census form is a sham.

Robert Rose

Corvallis (July 9)

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