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It's likely that Judy Ringle and my letters regarding The Baro's condemnation of Luke Heimlich passed in the early morning of July 24, for that's the date that the Gazette-Times received hers and that mine was printed. She presumably did not read the Kerry Eggers article in the Feb. 1 Portland Tribune that I recommended to the readers. Therein, she would have found interesting facts that might have restored her prior support of Luke.

Eggers' article relates that Luke had consistently denied that he had ever inappropriately touched his niece, as asserted by his brother Josh's ex-wife. She had not been awarded custody of their two children following the divorce which predated her accusation. His denial has support.

The court-appointed therapist, following several weeks of treatment, stated: "He was a model client. ... Even if Luke actually committed the offense for which he pled guilty, his recidivism risk remains very low.

Upon his return to court following his probationary period, the judge said: "I want to tell you how proud I am of you ... congratulations. You deserve a big round of applause." Luke got one from those in the courtroom.

Eggers stated that Josh's daughter is doing well in school and sports and spends a good deal of time with Luke's parents. He also noted that Luke's record in juvenile court was sealed on Aug. 28, 2017, and he no longer is a registered sex offender. Eggers concluded that Luke has no restriction on what he can do with his life. That, I must note, relies upon a society that is compassionate.

Mike Wolf

Corvallis (Aug. 7)


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