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It is an emotional experience to watch the commissioner campaign from my seat on the Benton County Board of Commissioners, two years after running my own race. I am a registered Democrat, and have volunteered many hours for the Benton Democrats. While I agree with the party’s values, I’ve never been a straight party-line voter.

After listening to the candidates at the City Club forum, I am convinced that Sami Al-AbdRabbuh is the best. He has the intelligence, humanity, humility and interpersonal skills to make an excellent commissioner. I believe that his youth is an important asset. We will be making many major decisions about the future of Benton County over the next four years, and younger Bentonians need to have a seat at the table. His priorities — sustainable growth and economic development, affordable housing, and health care access for all — are key issues facing the county. Commissioner Anne Schuster championed these causes, and Sami Al-AbdRabbuh would pick up where she left off. Lastly, given the rapidly changing face of the United States, Al-AbdRabbuh’s multicultural perspective is critically important.

Sami is the only candidate who has attended more than a dozen board meetings, taking the time to come up to speed on issues facing the county. He displays the work ethic outlined in the Benton County Leadership Policies and Practices handbook, which outlines the role and responsibilities of Benton commissioners. He displays collaboration, courage, respect, proactive preparation, and good communication. Please join me in voting for Sami — learn more at

Xan Augerot

Corvallis (Oct. 11)

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