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When voting for community leaders we often look to see how candidates have supported one or two issues dear to our hearts. But we should also consider whether they have the skills to actually do the job. This is especially true when choosing a mayor.

A mayor has to make sure the city council, and the city itself, functions well, often in the face of adversity and upset citizens. Both Philomath and Corvallis have mayoral candidates who have shown themselves capable of leading and facilitating. In Philomath that candidate is Eric Neimann. As president of the council, he has shown the ability to work with a wide variety of people and concerns, as well as the sense to put the health and safety of citizens first.

In Corvallis, Biff Traber has been extraordinary in guiding the council through some very rocky waters, and surely deserves support.

The current Philomath council has approved massive amounts of housing development without consideration for roads, water, fire and other infrastructure needs. There are three candidates with the skills to now make sense of the issues the town must now face. They are Marion Dark, Chas Jones, and Terry Weiss (my wife). I hope folks will see that new blood is needed for the town to develop safely.

City leaders need cooperative and insightful county partners. Max Mania has shown himself to be just that. Thoughtful, dedicated, and with the skills and experience to help local governments work together. Please support Max Mania for commissioner.

Mark Weiss

Philomath (Oct. 11)

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