Regarding the recent letter from Wayne Thompson: You quoted the Declaration of Independence but attributed your quote to the Constitution. No, the Constitution does not grant but three rights. The Constitution does give you the right to remain silent. You also have to right to bear arms, the right to practice whatever religion you see fit, the right to be treated equally under the law, the right to an attorney, etc., etc., etc. That is what the Constitution provides us all. In fact, the preamble to the Constitution was written in order to establish a “more perfect union” and promote the “general welfare."

Your attack on Sophie Stipek is an attempt to shut down the conversation about child care as a right. It’s interesting to me that the cons claim to be on the side of the right to life (again a Declaration of Independence term, not in the Constitution) but once the child is born want to have nothing to do with it. If you wish to force a woman to have a child against her wishes, then the child needs caring for and we should support child care as a basic right.

Bob Conder

Corvallis (May 25)

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