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In 1980 I watched what I thought was the worst football game Oregon State University ever played. The "Toilet Bowl," as it would be dubbed, was horrendous.

That day they at least had weather to excuse bad play, but the game the Beavers played on Saturday night in the Civil War was the most embarrassing game in my history of watching Beaver football!

The players and the coaches gave up! That's it! I have been watching football games at Parker/Reser Stadium for over 40 years and even when the teams were bad they still tried as hard as they could. The Civil War is a pride game and this team showed me why their coach gave up. They didn't want to work for it!

So, congrats to the Beavers for the worst-ever performance in a Civil War in the last 37 years!

John Mickenham

Corvallis (Nov. 25)

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