I do not support House Bill 2001. This bill would allow townhouses to built next to single family homes. It would not protect the solar access of neighboring properties.

In reviewing the testimony on the bill, it became apparent that many local governments are already developing plans to increase the supply of affordable housing. These plans allow for community involvement in planning which HB 2001 does not. They fit the specific needs of the area.

HB 2001 mandates a single solution to the problem and does not allow time for local governments to develop plans that fit their area. In Corvallis, several annexations are being proposed which will start to increase the supply of affordable housing. Builders find that it is cheaper to build in new developments than it does to do infill as proposed in HB 2001. Many cities have not annexed all of their urban growth boundary.

Let us first use the land we have available there before negatively impacting established communities. Infill housing is more expensive and can change the character of a neighborhood. As the area around Chintimini Park went from single family to townhouses, the city started to hear more complaints that resulted in the city spending more money to address the problems.

HB 2001 will not solve the affordable housing problem and will create more for city residents.

Contact your state Rep. Dan Rayfield and state Sen. Sara Gelser. Tell them to vote "no" on HB 2001.

Stewart Wershow

Corvallis (June 4)

The author is a former Corvallis city councilor representing Ward 6.

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