I just finished reading the Brian Boquist interview (July 6 edition) and have the following comments. First, if I were an attorney conducting a deposition of Boquist on the matter of his threats, and he responded to my questions as he did in the article, I would strike the entire rant as unresponsive. It would give me great pleasure to brush aside his deflection, spin, and irrelevant asides and hold him to strict account for the things he said.

If he were an employee of mine, and he issued a threat like that to another of my employees while in the workplace, I would personally fire him on the spot and have security escort him out of the building — after disarming him — and then call the police.

He would never set foot in my facility again, and if anyone were to ask me why he was fired and banned, I would explain why by using his own words.

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Shame on you, Sen. Boquist.

Niels Nielsen

Corvallis (July 6)

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