On June 19, Sen. Brian Boquist said some dramatic things to the Senate president and the governor. A hyperbole: An extravagant statement, not to be taken literally; used to emphasize a point; to make something sound bigger or worse than it actually is.

Boquist was being threatened by the governor. I don’t see his response as anything other than a hyperbole, an exaggeration showing his frustration. Saying ”Over my dead body” would be the same.

Senate Republicans had been frustrated this whole session and they reached a boiling point. House Bill 3427, the Student Success Act; the gun bill; the mandatory vaccine bill , HB 3063; the bill removing the use of e-sheets in the referendum process and HB 2015, the bill that gives illegal immigrants driver's licenses, to name a few. In addition, looming over them was the heated HB 2020, the cap and trade bill. Then the governor told the Senate Republicans that if they walked out, she would send state police to hunt them down and bring them back. Senator Boquist was obviously angered.

In response to the threats by the governor, he said, “Send bachelors and come heavily armed because I’m not going to be held hostage.”Yes, it was a dramatic response. It was a hyperbole.

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Boquist’s comments are a distraction. We need to stay focused on the real problems in our state.

Donaca Fouts

Jefferson (July 3)

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