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The claim that Benton County commissioners aren’t doing their job, and have no job description, is a completely false bit of hack political phrasing — a Trumpian blurb meant to convey a slick turn of phrase that reflects well on the flame thrower while burning the recipient. It hasn’t worked well for the liar in chief and it’s not working well here.

The creation of home county rule through a board of commissioners is clearly laid out in the county charter. (It’s online — doing research is always a good way to prepare for a job interview.) It’s actually a brilliant piece of legislative governance that outlines the powers and limitations of the county. Check it out:

Currently there are no commissioners “holding power for 20 years:" Only one commissioner is in her 17th year and the other two are in their second and fourth years  respectively. Neither of those two make $100,000 a year — but that really isn’t the point, is it. The point is to smear candidates running for public office. The point is to sow confusion and conflict. And as we’ve seen at the national level, that tactic is not working very well. If the point is to dilute the dominance of Democrats holding office, then I suggest electing Sami Al-AbdRabbuh on the Independent ticket.

We need positive, collaborative and honest leadership, not scare tactics.

Peggy Joyce

Corvallis (Oct. 11)

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