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I'm not happy about the threats coming from City Hall. If we fail to pass a new levy on the May ballot, many popular city services will be ended or reduced (the pool, the library, the Senior Center, for starters).

I'm not happy that the city can't live within the budget passed for this fiscal year. A budget is a guide to responsible spending, whether it is for a city government or a household. Expenses are limited to income. Simple and understandable.

I'm not happy that the approved 2018-19 budget lists the city manager's salary at $13,265 per month, and he is actually being paid about $15,206 per month ($182,469 per annum, or about $23,289 over the budgeted amount) (see page 84 of the approved city budget). These numbers make me question the entire budget process. Do the numbers mean anything?

The city government needs to do a lot of explaining before I'll vote to increase my property taxes by the obscene amount suggested.

Kirk Nevin

Corvallis (Nov. 15)

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