I've never actually seen an episode of the Netflix show "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo," but it's impossible to escape the omnipresent online meme that endlessly asks the question: Does this spark joy?

I don't know if it makes for good television, but I do know that it poses an excellent question, and one that the community of Corvallis must ask itself as we move towards the May 21 levy vote.

While I cannot claim to be informed enough in the minutia of the exact numbers involved to lay them out for you here, the proposed monetary cost to individual members of our community is not exorbitant, and the return on that investment seems to be a return that does nothing but spark joy. I've seen waterlogged children shrieking with laughter as they splash in the pool at Osborn Aquatic; I've watched joyous families hike through our parks; I've smiled at an excited teenager at the library checking out the latest PS4 game that he couldn't otherwise afford to play; I've observed anxious and depressed young people, lonely and uncertain, blossom into articulation and confidence after appearing on the Majestic stage; I've witnessed cheerful seniors at Chintimini's computer lab relieved to find the help they needed to clear the viruses on their laptops in order to reaccess family photos.

Does this spark joy? Unequivocally yes, and it's good sense to continue to support the joy of Corvallis by supporting Measure 2-123.

Rachel Kohler

Corvallis (April 30)

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