No one is denying climate change. The climate has been changing for billions of years and it’s not going to stop now, though it may be in some peoples’ political interest for it to do so.

What Professor Schnittner, in his recent letter, and others of his ilk seem to be saying is that some unspecified but presumably significant portion of the current change is due to a combination of our industrial society and bovine flatulence.

Fair enough, except. First, I’ve been hearing for the last 30-plus years that we “only have five (10, a dozen) years” before climate disaster is irreversible and devastation descends upon us. Yet it hasn’t happened. Since then the sky has not fallen and the polar bears are doing quite well, thank you very much. Before I start feeding Beano to my Herefords, a good explanation of why all the predicted gloom and doom has not occurred would be in order. Surely true science could do that.

Second, nobody really believes in anthropogenic global warming. Look at all these “climate conferences” — everyone comes by private jet. Obama gives a speech on climate change and climbs into Air Force One to go to Florida. For a golf weekend. Al Gore has his McMansion and private jet. None of the hectoring “celebrities” have given up an iota of their lavish lifestyles.

Professor Schnittner does include the obligatory faculty lounge jibe at Republicans and free markets — though he’s sufficiently free market himself to include a plug for his book!

Jonathan Hayes

Corvallis (April 4)

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