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I miss our daily paper.

Moving here 25 years ago, we thought about subscribing to the Oregonian or Register-Guard, but decided that to be part of a community meant getting the local paper. The right decision then - decidedly less so now.

Breaking point this morning. Last night was the rivalry basketball game between this city's two high schools. Great girls' & boys' games, plenty of passion, worthy performances. I looked forward to reading about the games in today’s sports page. What! - two worthless blurbs reported score only, no player mentioned, no statistics, no box score. Nothing. Northing. However, a front page 27-paragraph write-up of the South Albany RedHawks' game, quotes from the coach, player quotes, complete box score.

We all understand the financial challenges of getting out a local paper. We understand the efficiencies you have undertaken to keep the papers viable. But the editor promised that those consolidations would not diminish the local content of our city's paper. We all pretty well understood then that the promise was crap, but we wanted to believe. My, how quickly you've shown what a shallow, cynical lie it was.

I’m perhaps best at "I Told You So"s. You’re very close to losing a 25-year Corvallis customer. You are going to lose my Albany counterparts, whose similar letters I've been seeing. If your goal is to halve the circulation and end up with one paper which pleases no one, you are well on your way to reaching that sad circumstance.

Griff Jay

Corvallis (Feb. 3)

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