Regarding Caroline Hay’s recent letter about the vendors outside the Oregon Jamboree, the situation is actually much worse than she described. A close look at the photo of the MAGA hat vendor’s booth reveals that the Confederate flag used as a backdrop contains an image of Hank Williams Jr.'s smiling face in the center under a great big Bundy-style cowboy hat and bearing the logo "If the south woulda won we'd a had it made."

This is the title of a song Hank Jr. wrote in 1988. The lyrics are available online; the basic gist of them is how much better life for Southerners would be today if only the South had won the Civil War.

What an unbelievably stupid statement. Of course, now that we have the president we do, it's once again OK to express that sentiment right out in public in a civic event (at least in Sweet Home), right next to a big fat pile of made-in-China MAGA hats.

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Your open-book homework assignment is to connect the dots between MAGA and Southern victory in the Civil War. This will count for half of your final grade. Furnish evidence to support your assertions and use the back of your test sheet if necessary.

Niels Nielsen

Corvallis (Aug. 11)

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