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Letter: Conspiracy targets holistic doctors

Letter: Conspiracy targets holistic doctors

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Writing truth about health issues challenges more than 200 years of a corrupt, repressive medical system hijacked around 1911 by industrial magnate Rockefeller to expand pharmaceuticals vs. broad-based, natural, human-compatible, healing medicine, formerly including a thriving homeopathic field (

What does repression mean? In the 1600s repression meant hanging or burning of unorthodox natural healers at the stake by a violent orthodox church, cooperative state, and doctors standing by. Recently, it’s a series of 85 extremely disturbing, largely unreported and uninvestigated homicides, mysterious deaths, disappearances, and fishy-looking "suicides" of leading holistic doctors.

Deaths of these "medical saints" has proceeded apace since prominent autism researcher Jeffrey Bradstreet, M.D. was found shot in a creek bed in June 2015. Many of these deaths appear as constructed suicides, something relatively easily done — but which often aren’t adequately investigated by local police, who may lack necessary skills, resources, or inclination.

In November, the entire family of prominent holistic doctor, Annie Fairbanks, was found shot to death at home, including their 3-year-old. A holistic doctor, Mark Flanagan, 62, or Seguin, Texas, “fit, healthy, and fun-loving” and with no apparent suicidal motive, was found hanged on Feb. 23 (

What is going on in America? Why isn’t law enforcement and FBI all over this? They should be conducting major investigations into this outrageous string of murders, mysterious deaths, and "suicides" of holistic doctors, a specifically targeted group! Someone important is asleep.

Chris C. Foulke

Corvallis (March 10)


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