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As an owner of an all-electric car I have become frustrated with the lack of working charging stations in Corvallis. A city that prides itself on being a "green community" severely lacks the infrastructure to accommodate this growing population of electric car owners. Oregon is currently offering a $2,500 rebate for any purchase of a used electric car and $5,000 for the purchase of a brand new electric car with some income restrictions. I have seen lines waiting to charge at Fred Meyer, Linn-Benton Community College, the Oregon State University campus and several other locations.

Many of the current charging stations are currently not working including the one at the Benton County commissioners' office, the Armory and on OSU campus parking lots. We need to have charging stations at Corvallis High School, Crescent Valley High School, downtown Corvallis, at the library and parks and businesses. Corvallis needs to be leaders in the electric car movement and prepare for 2019, which is on schedule to be the biggest year in electric car sales in Oregon. Driving an electric car has taught me that I will never buy a gas car again. Let's work together, Corvallis, to encourage more electric car infrastructure in 2019.

Sean Gettings

Lebanon (Dec. 18)

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