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It’s been a while since Corvallis has had the caliber of a City Council candidate found in Catherine Mater, who is running in Ward 2. It’s not just her unparalleled experience, having served under seven Oregon governors in economic development, transportation, health care, and climate change arenas. It’s her unswerving integrity and courage in the face of fierce political pressure. In 2016 she said “no” to using public funds to pay for coal projects in Oregon.

More recently, she helped lead the fight to stop a cold weather no-barrier men’s emergency shelter from being located at Western and Second. In the face of hate flyers (picture of Mater with a swastika on her forehead posted throughout city streets by members of the Benton County Democratic Socialists of America), Mater not only held her ground but helped to negotiate the final Hanson Tire site solution, securing upfront approval on mitigation measures that will be undertaken at the First Alternative Co-op, the shelter's neighbor. Once again Mater’s judgment proved correct as we recently learned that only a small handful of people (including Mayor Traber) had actually “approved” the second street shelter location. The Housing Opportunities Action Council governing board members tasked with finding an appropriate shelter location had not approved the Second Street location, and even the homeless in the community publicly denounced the location as a poor choice.

Corvallis needs Mater on the City Council! Mater really does matter!

Meghan Karas

Corvallis (Oct. 11)

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