Apparently Holly Harris didn't consult election results before writing her Sept. 17 letter contending that "the community does not desire this decision to ruin a valuable area of open space with a large unnecessary building," and "Why would the elected councilors make a decision that does not reflect the members of the community? "

Mayor Traber was elected by more than 60% of the voters in 2014, and again by 58% of the voters in 2018. In the most recent election, he won every single ward, including the home ward (2) of his opponent, noted no-growther Roen Hoeg.

Seems to me an overwhelming number of Corvallis residents are quite comfortable with Mayor Traber and the decisions he makes (when necessary) regarding the future of our community.

I suspect that holds true on the OSU dorm issue too. The new residence hall will add more on-campus housing, the very thing many in the NIMBY crowd have been incessantly clamoring for over the past decade.

Brooks Hatch

Corvallis (Sept. 29)

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