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Since third grade last year, I've come to realize the drastic problem the ocean and marine life inside it are having. One of the main problems is plastic. Plastic is killing all kinds of marine life. If we don't do something about it and wait to see what happens, than we are going to live in a world with no marine life and a polluted ocean.

Corvallis has already taken a first step by banning plastic bags, but it's time we take the next step. Banning plastic straws is an important step to saving marine life.

The first reason is because the United States alone uses 390 million straws each day. The second reason is because each year 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from plastic. On top of all that, it takes 200 years for the straws to biodegrade. Finally there are already places banning plastic straws like the United Kingdom, Malibu, California and Seattle, Washington.

We could be the first city in Oregon to ban plastic straws for good. There are alternatives to plastic straws. Most drinks don't need plastic straws and for the drinks that do need straws, you can use paper or stainless steel straws, which are environmentally safe. I would be glad to make a presentation if you would like at a City Council meeting.

Oliver Norris

Corvallis (Jan. 1)

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