Tonight's decision of the Planning Commission to build a dorm on some of the last available open space on campus flies in the face of every rule on the book and undercuts what's left of our historic neighborhoods.

We already have massive private construction (7th Street Station south of Western, the giant 500-600 bed structure going up north of Western, the orange and black phenomenon at the corner of Seventh and Monroe) which stepped into Oregon State University's lack of foresight in providing housing for their growing projected populations. It's now that OSU sees money to be made here? These administrators get the big bucks?

The last recent stats I read in the Gazette-Times said on-campus population declined last year. Who's going to live in these ghost towns if there is an enrollment cap or drop-off, and these structures are unsuitable for low-cost family housing, which we desperately need? Or do administrators plan an unannounced expansion?

OSU claims "students don't bring cars." Nonsense. OSU consistently fudges parking statistics to their advantage.

We have spent our lives here. I worked for OSU. My son graduated from OSU. My husband taught here over 45 years and contributed to OSU's image abroad.

What's next? Bulldozing my rose garden? I'll stand there, like the Chinese student at Tianamen Square.

City Council, you're our last hope to stop this. Can you help or are you bought? Neighbors, can you help? Call your city councilor before their votes on the Monroe Street OSU dorm.

Elaine Cull

Corvallis (June 5)

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