The Sept. 5 issue contains commentary from E.J. Dionne, columnist for The Washington Post. Democracy is his theme.

He notes that 52% of British voted to get out of the European Union in 2016 (Brexit). But Parliament decided to ignore the voters and block the Brexit. The voters be damned.

Dionne finds himself agreeing with the British Parliament, repeating the refrain, “If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy.” Wait a minute. Did he say “if a politician cannot ignore the voters, it ceases to be a democracy?” No, but that is what happened.

As regards the U.S. Senate, he finds that “the Senate is a wildly undemocratic institution” because it supposedly failed to act on gun violence.

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E.J., a few of us in the hinterlands have some news for you. The United States of America is not a democracy. We live in a republic. Go back to your civics lessons and report to your devoted progressive fans just why this is so. The British may have a democracy (mob rule), and this may be the reason that their politicians can get away with their totalitarian trick.

But, you see, we live in a republic. The Senate is supposed to be undemocratic. The founders designed it that way. They could see Democrats like you coming.

Mike Peterson

Corvallis (Sept. 5)

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