Corvallis is blessed with liberals, many of whom delight in berating the president's bombastic behavior on these pages. That's fine. I opined here in 2016 that both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump were truly disgusting human beings, and I'd state that again.

But, folks, inauguration day is a scant year and a half away, and you're still focusing on Mr. Trump's personality flaws. Those who will decide the election, the independent voters, are casting their gaze elsewhere — what they could expect from four more years, and what they could expect from the Democrats.

Have you been listening at all to the scary, nonsensical ideas your two dozen pretenders to the throne are positing? The Republican National Committee sure has, and they're going to nail your candidates to a cross of sound bytes. More importantly, the independents have also, and they're rapidly coming to the conclusion that your guys are nowhere near in touch with reality in America.

The 24 all shout, 'me too,' as each progressively preposterous proposal is floated, and no Democrat points out the obvious — this lunacy is going to lose the election for you. Your party's platform will include some version(s) of socialism, reparations, free college, Medicare for all, student debt forgiveness, a possible resurrection of busing, and, let's not forget, the Green New Deal. Any two could sink you, the combination will drown you.

Seventy weeks from now, another long, long Tuesday night awaits you.

John Brenan

Corvallis (July 4)

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