Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who said that MS-13 gang members all have a "spark of divinity" in them, has called a border wall "immoral." Proponents of this wall are now offering a more sensitive, kinder name such as barrier, fence. metal slats, or barricade. Well, we can't do anything until we decide what to call it.

In November 1968 the United States, South Vietnam, and North Vietnam agreed to hold talks in Paris to end the Vietnam War. For the next two and a half months they argued about what size and shape table they would sit at, what the seating arrangements would be, and whether or not they could display little flags on the table. During this 10-week argument, which became known as the "table war," over 1000 more young American soldiers were killed in battle. See any parallels here ?

They say Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Pelosi and Chuck Schumer stall while criminals walk through our porous border. Democrats originally wanted border security but all they want now is to destroy our duly elected president no matter how much collateral damage America suffers.

Mexico reports another caravan of at least 10,000 headed our way. It's well-known throughout the world that if you want to sneak into America go through Mexico. The Border Patrol has caught migrants from over 100 countries. Many residents of these countries wish us harm.

There's a storm coming.

Wayne Thompson

Corvallis (Jan. 30)

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