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It was the best of years; it was the worst of years. It was a year of the nonstop projectile mendacity and hatred Donald Trump displays daily. Friends have ended friendships, family ties have disintegrated, and people’s civility has been obliterated. I found myself excoriating the editor of the Gazette-Times for not supporting Kate Brown, and for that I apologize to Mike McInally, who continues a thankless job in his role at the G.T.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have focused less on watching the news and more on watching YouTube videos of the world’s citizens being kind, generous, brave. Athletes have shown compassion, courage, and humanity with opponents and fans. Undoubtedly, many of these athletes hold political or religious beliefs I find troubling or even abhorrent. Most of them are millionaires. Still, they have shown a kind of humanity I would like to emulate.

Trump will still have power-seeking acolytes kneeling in front of him, waiting to gather up his hate-filled scat and retweet it. Even in Corvallis, we will continue to see letters to the G-T from the curmudgeons of Corvallis claiming they aren’t racist, though their letters give lie to that.

Ignore them all. Give them less influence on our lives. Mend fences, if possible, knowing that some cannot be mended. YouTube videos of inspiring people can be a medicine against anger and despair. Given the decreasing time left as climate change advances, joyfully working for change is our best remedy against anger and despair. YouTube videos help.

Michael Coolen

Corvallis (Jan. 4)

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